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We are proud to be a member of the not for profit Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc.


Simplistic Lines Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturing company specializing in athletic field marking equipment and accessories. We take great pride in our quality workmanship, the design of our products, our reasonable prices, and our reliable customer service. Our operations continue to implement unique ideas to improve our wide range and high level of customer demands.

After several years of on field-testing and operator analysis, we have developed a professional user-friendly field marker with low operation and maintenance costs. Examples include our unique plumbing features for reduced paint consumption; clean up time, and labour. A battery operated pumping system with quick connect/disconnect charging terminals provides quiet, reliable, and safe usage.

Customer demands are ever changing and we have proven to stay current as our SLW 103 is the first athletic field marker with a walking tandem suspension system. This system allows the user to obtain smooth, straight lines on any terrain, with minimal operating effort.

At Simplistic Lines Inc. we believe that athletic field marking is an "Art" and a vital ingredient to enhance player performance and spectator interest. Professional results require professional equipment and with Simplistic Lines Inc. products, your athletic fields have the winning edge.

Keeping a close connection with our customers is a priority to us. Please, feel free to send any comments or questions to us at info@simplisticlines.com.

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