Stealth Striper

Engage the Line.
Never Look Behind.

A premium field striping solution
utilizing RTK GPS autopilot steering

Stealth Striper logo

Three Spray Functions

One pass centre grass cut and line painting.

Side Arm painting

Side Arm

Corner Arc Arm painting

Corner Arc

GPS solutions to simplify your line painting.

Whether you’re creating a new field, managing files, or on field line striping, GPS solutions have never been so simple with the Stealth Striper.  Simplistic Lines Inc. has teamed with Swozi creating the Swozi Stealth Pilot app and RTK GPS autopilot steering/paint control system.  This solution provides users a remarkably efficient and functional way to survey and stripe athletic fields. 

Stealth Striper logo

3 lines in one engagement

Arc connection accuracy

6 foot circle

Side arm operation

Goal line accuracy

Corner arc

3 point hitch mounted striping solution 

Tractor with lines-02-01

Samsung 10.5″ LTE tablet communicates via WIFI to SWOZI Stealth Pilot Controller


We’ve developed functional sports field line painting solutions since 2003. Today, we’re bringing you GPS powered solutions designed to save time and money on and off the field. Every time.

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